Friday, March 29, 2013

Infinite Amazement

It's almost 4am and I just finished BioShock Infinite.
I can barely type I'm so amazed, but I'm going to try and get my thoughts out on this game.

I kept myself in an almost complete media blackout of this game after it's original announcement trailer. The reason was simple, I didn't want to have any expectations. Seeing as how the original BioShock is (or now maybe was) my favourite game, I wanted to go into Infinite with the same blind organic experience I had with the original.
I'm happy to say that it was a resounding success.

I won't dwell on details, but as I started this game I earnestly thought Ken Levine would be unable to trump the plot twist and it's strong tie to interactive story telling from the the first BiosShock.
I was half right.
The original BioShock truly made me feel I was the reason the Plot twist happened. The story was scripted, but it was still interactive storytelling at it's best. Infinite however took that interactive feeling of 'you pushed the story forward' down several notches. In trade though it gave me so many plot twists, so quickly, that made so much sense; that as I played the game's culmination it was like being sucker punched across the room by a man who's both the worlds strongest and top martial arts master.

I had intentions of playing through this game again almost immediately, but now I know I need some time to let my head stop spinning from BioShock Infinite's sheer level of awesome.

----Strife Out----


Zeldafan355 said...

I just finished it last night, and I'm just as amazed as you are. While Infinite did not have one single phenomenal plot twist like the original, the sheer scope of what the ending achieves ranks it as one of the best game narratives I have ever experienced.

Garrett said...

Its cool to see someone who actually shares my feelings. All the big youtubers are just meh. Please tell me you will be doing a video on it. When I finished the game I was so happy it almost overcame me. simply amazed. All the twists... Almost hard to keep up with

Azure Afire said...

I've just checked your latest entry, and i am definitely STOKED. Eversince our xbox red-eyed and i got swamped with work (i just got home from one, and am so exhausted again), i never got to try the newer, cooler games. I only got to keep a list in my head of all the games i will play when i finally get the chance. Bioshock was definitely one of the most memorable games i've played, and been wanting a sequel of. My bro told me Infinite had awesome reviews. Now, coming from you and the others who've finally finished it, i am sooo excited to get my hands on the game 'coz now i have a new xbox (YEY! ^o^). I'm looking forward to a very long, workless week of nothing but games and awesomeness. Will be sharing my own raves pretty soon.