Friday, August 13, 2010

Square One

The big summer blockbuster, Inception. I can understand why people have given this movie rave reviews, because it's a good definition of "out of the ordinary".

I won't dwell on the quality of the visuals and depth of the story, or it's paradigms. All of those elements were great, and made the film worth while, but I think the original soundtrack is what's really worth mentioning.

Hans Zimmer really is a stand up composer. His music was different and original in Sherlock Holmes last year, and the music in Inception is so well written it stands out from the film. Themes from movies like Lord of the Rings, or Pirates of the Caribbean are well remembered for being catchy, however Inception's soundtrack is what you would call subconsciously memorable. Meaning you probably won't remember the music, but if you herd it again the film would come rushing back all at once. At least it would (and does) for me. Granted that probably wouldn't be the case if the movie wasn't as gripping, well written, and so well edited. But the fact stands, Inception is a good movie, and there's not a doubt in my mind that the quality of it's soundtrack is largely (though not chiefly) responsible for it's success.

The following track does a rather stand up job of capturing many of the feelings from the movie in one go.

Inception had everything I could hope for:
Action, Paradox, Twist, Emotion, and a Conclusion that leaves you thinking.

----CP Out----