Friday, March 29, 2013

Infinite Amazement

It's almost 4am and I just finished BioShock Infinite.
I can barely type I'm so amazed, but I'm going to try and get my thoughts out on this game.

I kept myself in an almost complete media blackout of this game after it's original announcement trailer. The reason was simple, I didn't want to have any expectations. Seeing as how the original BioShock is (or now maybe was) my favourite game, I wanted to go into Infinite with the same blind organic experience I had with the original.
I'm happy to say that it was a resounding success.

I won't dwell on details, but as I started this game I earnestly thought Ken Levine would be unable to trump the plot twist and it's strong tie to interactive story telling from the the first BiosShock.
I was half right.
The original BioShock truly made me feel I was the reason the Plot twist happened. The story was scripted, but it was still interactive storytelling at it's best. Infinite however took that interactive feeling of 'you pushed the story forward' down several notches. In trade though it gave me so many plot twists, so quickly, that made so much sense; that as I played the game's culmination it was like being sucker punched across the room by a man who's both the worlds strongest and top martial arts master.

I had intentions of playing through this game again almost immediately, but now I know I need some time to let my head stop spinning from BioShock Infinite's sheer level of awesome.

----Strife Out----

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill Bower - Dishonored

If you can't tell the idea of Bill Bower is to say inflammatory things about games no matter if they're good or bad. Things are looking good for this new review over Dishonored, because I'm seeing down votes on it already. You might call it malicious of me, but my goal isn't to piss people off. I'm just trying to light a fire under everyone so they engage with the video, no matter if they agree or rage over what is said.

If by chance you want to know my calm and collected opinion on the game, it's not to different from the second to last line in the vid. The gameplay in Dishonored is solid with very few faults, but I found it's story predictable and uncompelling.

Questions, Comments? I'd love to hear them!
----Strife Out----

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Slice With Strife

A Slice With Strife is a new series that I'm doing that will focus on a different game every time. It's all about either my impressions while playing a game the first time, or just me having fun in a game I love.
In this d├ębut episode I look at the game Lone Survivor, which is said to do Silent Hill better than Silent Hill did Silent Hill (if that makes sense).

Any game I play here has the chance to become it's own series. However, weather that happens or not is determined by feedback, and what you guys want to see me play more of.

----Strife Out----

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill Bower - Tomb Raider

I've been needing to do something vastly different from what I normally do for a while. Months ago a thought sprung into my head. what if I express my completely irrational and unfounded discontent for games as a different person? Minutes Later Bill Bower was born, an angry British man (that sounds like an American doing a bad accent) who does nothing but bitch about games weather they be good or bad.

No doubt not everyone will like what I've done here. If that is the case, then in the words of Bill Bower let me say, FUCK OFF!!

----Strife Out----

Thursday, March 07, 2013

Retrun of a Past Age!

Roughly two months ago I was digging through my old collection of PC games and found a title that ate up hours of my life, Age of Empires II. Feeling extremely nostalgic I popped the game into my PC and installed it only find it wasn't compatible with windows 7. I eventually spent three hours total to find a proper, non-intrusive, fix to get the game running. Fast forward to two days ago and I was surprised to see the exact same game (that doesn't work on any modern OS) sitting on the shelf at Wal-Mart. This got me to thinking, why was AoE2 never published digitally or fixed to work with modern PCs? Then today I saw this.

I'm going to buy this, I'm going to enjoy it, and most importantly I won't have to dig up home-made patches for it. Well at least not for a few years I wont.

----Strife Out----

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Fallout 3 -04

At this point I really don't know when I'll stop doing this play, or how to conclude it. I'm a little troubled by how much some people are freaking out over the biweekly release schedule it has. I appreciate how so may people love the videos, but constant wining creates pressure and reduces my interest in even working on each episode. To be frank though, the thing that pisses me off the most are when people complain about it in the comments of my other videos that have nothing to do with this series. I'm pretty firm in my belief of "don't cross the streams", but I know I'm just being anal.

I'll persevere, after all I know better than to bite the hand that feeds me.
On a related note though, being asked every day to make a FONV DLC weapon guide is a major factor in why I've not been able to get myself to even build a gun list to write a script off of.

----Strife Out----