Friday, December 29, 2006

The Idol M@ster

Well let me start off by saying that I hate Microsoft and I probably won't stop hating them without a good reason. That also means I'll never buy an Xbox unless i have a good reason to do so.

Now after stating that I think i found a reason to get the 360. Now if only the reason was in English. I found this video and i have to say that the games looks interesting enough to buy but i can't read enough Japanese to even hope to get through a game. Bottom line is that I like how this looks and well if i had an opportunity to try buy it i just might.

The game itself functions like a dating sim from what i can tell. You play the role of a producer and have the choice of managing one of Ten potential pop idols. In order to do this you must choose her stage costumes, teach her to sing well, and instruct her on how to act in front of crowds. Naturally if you do all this correctly you will have the next top Pop Idol.

Anyhow forget my drivel just look at this and make your own mind up.
Note: this song is apparently exclusive to the 360 as the game was previously arcade only.

Now for some videos showing some of the characters.

Starting with Hoshii Miki the young one who is apparently 14 (fooled me)

Followed by Akizuki Ritsuko who seems to have brains and older at 18 (I think)

And finally Amami Haruka the shy and uncertain 16 year old

Interesting to say the lest and seemingly right up my ally I guess I'll have to remember this for when I'm finally proficient in Japanese.

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wii Love Zelda

well today I'm feeling nostalgic. After playing so much Zelda on the Wii I've come to miss the good old ground breaking kickin N64 games. I think it's really amazing how far the game has come. I must say that link just keeps getting to be more and more of a pretty boy who can rip you heart out in increasingly gory ways while still looking good.

Here's some memorabilia Zelda footage. Starting with eh infamous Zelda 64 ad that got me started.

and then the more abstract falling moon ad

Followed by one of my faves for GBC even though the audio is off in this video

And finally because i'm a total Nintendo fanboy here's a nintedo Wii ad and before you pass judgment on moving around to play a game try it first.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Scalpel, Forceps, Needel, WiiMote!

Ok, so while i was at the mall doing the last of my Christmas shopping I ended up buying something for myself.

Trauma Center Second Opinion

Trauma Center Second Opinion a game where you are the surgeon and the WiiMote with the nun-chuck are your operating tools. I'm throughly pleased with this spontaneous purchase i made even though I shouldn't have.

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Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Routine

Y'know I wish i had more to blog about but often enough i just don't have anything to say and nothing too comment on.

Anyway Today I'm just talking about how I'm trying to sort out what I'm going to be doing for Christmas. Though I've spent the day with my family every year it's gotten to the point where everyone just doesn't seem to care anymore. Since it's gotten so slack I'm thinking that they year I'll hang around for the gift giving and stuff but after that I'll jet and say hi to my friends. More specifically Will, since as far as I've been told has no real Christmas to contend with ever. So I'll keep him company and drop my gift off at his pad since I bought him one.
In addition to that I'll go over to the Hastings's pad and drop my gift there for Jake.

Man i really need to do more looking of subjects i wanna blog on. Posting about my Christmas plans? What has happened to me!

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Well well well, I never knew that Linux could ever do this. I think i wanna jump ship and forget the the other two now.

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seirei no moribito

Well rolling right off of yesterday's post i'd like to bring up another project that Prodouction I.G. is working on now. I liked Blood+ so i think this should be woth it. It looks well animated to say the least and i look forward to it.

it's called seirei no moribito which is translated as Guardians of the Spirit.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Colors of Heart

Following up on yesterdays post I'd like to comment on one of my favourite songs. It's called "Colors of Heart" by UVER world. Just like YUI i've known of UVER world for over a year but i never really started listening to them till i herd this song some 3-4 months ago. It was used as the third opening for the anime "Blood+" which had a very alternative art style to the entie show.
This opening is what made the song really catch my attention and now I can't hear it without thinking of the animation. Proof of how good it is is in the fact that it was recently selected in competition for the 11th Holland Film Festival. Obviously it made an impression on more people than just me.

Anyhow to show you what I mean I'll just show you the video.

and of course here's the original full music video from UVER world

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rolling star by YUI

Well a major Part of my life is the Japaneses culture. It consists of anime, Japanese music, and the language itself. Of course I'm not fluent or even proficient but If I were stranded in japan I would be able to make my way around somehow.

Anyway, on the entire note one of my favourite Japanese musical artists among others is Yui. I've known about her music for more than a year now and I've listened to her songs since I found her. The ironic thing is that when I look at the age of many of the artists from japan they frequently look early to mid 20s but aren't. (That's probably true with most artists but I'm only ever looking the way of japan).

In the case of Yui the irony (and surprise) I recived was that she's days short of two months older than myself. It's one of those things that caught me off guard since most artists are older than they look or much younger than they look. In any case her newest Single is coming out in January entitled "Rolling Star". This is a mark because i love it and it's her first electric song as she's been a acoustic artist till now.

Finally what type of blogger would i be if i didn't show you what I'm talking about?

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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Four-Hundured and Seventy-Eight Computer Woes

Well excuse me for going totally geek here and saying a lot of stuff that none will understand unless they are a nerdy as I am.

Ok, now about a month and a half ago i spent $400 to upgrade my PC. The reason i did this is because i had a dell and it didn't have any PCIe or AGP slots in it. I was stuck with onboard graphics and I wanted to play "The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion". Now I took the time to find all the components i needed. Because of this situation i needed a graphics card , a mother board, and a case to make it complete. Those were necessity and after getting everything and running just fine at boot i thought i was fine.

Well I was wrong. I ran into problems when getting parts. Mainly the mother board because it had to be a 478 socket (Intel chipset) which has been outdated twice since I got my Dell two years ago. The major problem i had was availability since it's not a current form of technology.
In the end I bought the PT8CE-A from Fry's electronics. Working with a limited choice i had no alternative options that were that great and i was on a budget. 478 boards are cheep today anyway so it was only $30 and it helped me with conserving cash and buying a quality case and cooling components as well as my GPU.

My problems started about a week after the machine was up and running. Random restarts, freezes, and blue-screens began to plague me. I've been looking into the issue and several people have had the same issues as i have. According to ECS the MB manufacturer they swear it's not their hardware it's windows being less than agreeable. They say this even though i suspected windows first and have exhausted all possibilities that it's being the problem. Additionally the blue-screens tell me a serious hardware malfunction has stopped the system.
I've tried to fix this through many methods including flashing the BIOS with no success. From what i can tell so far it's most likely the ram. I suspect that the board is incapable of running a stable environment even though it says it can support the ram speeds i have installed. I'm still not sure since i haven't solved the problems yet.

What's odd about this is that my system can run like the wind and not trip or become short of breath. With Oblivion kicked up to it's highest settings (which is the default as the game decided) I have no hiccups no lag nothing. Even though it can do this my PC is incapable of crawling or merely walking. I'll be online checking my mail and it'll just reboot for no reason. I can also be nowhere near the PC and it'll freeze while idle and doing nothing.
This causes major problems because my working environment is totally useless for working on projects. I can't do anything productive on my PC anymore because i could loose a large amount of work very instantly. It can go so far as to reboot while I save and wipe out all the work i have done ever to the file.

Building a PC may be fun but when your dealing with outdated technology like this it can be more trouble than it's worth.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

PHP plus

well i was doing my digg thing today and found this interesting bit. It's how you can make your PHP lighting fast and remove entire steps from the process.

Speedy PHP Tactics

defiantly something to look into if you use the language

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Hmmm Gess it's up and running. Not to big on blogs but i guess it doesn't hurt to have one. Honestly I just never keep up with them no matter how hard i may try... ok so i don't try but still.

Proabbly won't see me much unless i really have something to say, and trust me that won't me often... maybe.