Thursday, December 28, 2006

Wii Love Zelda

well today I'm feeling nostalgic. After playing so much Zelda on the Wii I've come to miss the good old ground breaking kickin N64 games. I think it's really amazing how far the game has come. I must say that link just keeps getting to be more and more of a pretty boy who can rip you heart out in increasingly gory ways while still looking good.

Here's some memorabilia Zelda footage. Starting with eh infamous Zelda 64 ad that got me started.

and then the more abstract falling moon ad

Followed by one of my faves for GBC even though the audio is off in this video

And finally because i'm a total Nintendo fanboy here's a nintedo Wii ad and before you pass judgment on moving around to play a game try it first.

---CP Out---

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