Friday, December 29, 2006

The Idol M@ster

Well let me start off by saying that I hate Microsoft and I probably won't stop hating them without a good reason. That also means I'll never buy an Xbox unless i have a good reason to do so.

Now after stating that I think i found a reason to get the 360. Now if only the reason was in English. I found this video and i have to say that the games looks interesting enough to buy but i can't read enough Japanese to even hope to get through a game. Bottom line is that I like how this looks and well if i had an opportunity to try buy it i just might.

The game itself functions like a dating sim from what i can tell. You play the role of a producer and have the choice of managing one of Ten potential pop idols. In order to do this you must choose her stage costumes, teach her to sing well, and instruct her on how to act in front of crowds. Naturally if you do all this correctly you will have the next top Pop Idol.

Anyhow forget my drivel just look at this and make your own mind up.
Note: this song is apparently exclusive to the 360 as the game was previously arcade only.

Now for some videos showing some of the characters.

Starting with Hoshii Miki the young one who is apparently 14 (fooled me)

Followed by Akizuki Ritsuko who seems to have brains and older at 18 (I think)

And finally Amami Haruka the shy and uncertain 16 year old

Interesting to say the lest and seemingly right up my ally I guess I'll have to remember this for when I'm finally proficient in Japanese.

---CP Out---

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