Monday, November 26, 2007

Primal Siblings

So it's been a while since i followed up on a post and did some type of a chain. In the spirit of being well educated on my interests and not some fickle A.D.D suffering five year old, I have more content about some artists.

This time instead of just some jamming Shamisen backed by electric guitar there are lyrics and the shamisen backs the guitar more than anything else. Thats right the Yoshida Brothers are back and this time their collaborating with Monkey Majik. I think the video is really good, it's better than the last one I posted anyway. Also I think I smell a hit of (or much more) influence from Naruto.

Monkey Majik and Yoshida Brothers

---CP Out---

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Slayer's Style

Gaming gaming gaming, that's what i do a lot of hands down. However the number of quality action and platforming games I play are limited because of how few there are out there that i find to be truly worth it. However i was looking forward to one that has turned out to be VERY worth it.

It only took four days but I beat Assassin's Creed and it was a REAL fun game. No doubt it's one of the titles I'll continue to play for months. In all honestly the critics are right it's a game you tell everyone about even if they don't play video games. Why would you do that? Simply because of how over the top it is in quality and fun factor. The game play is all about silently assassinating people and having a grand chase to get away from the guards. You can literally grab anything that looks 3D and scale any building with ledges on it. Having this major ability the entirety of all the cities of which you roam are free game to scale climb and roof hop on. Additionally you can choose to stand ground and fight with your enemies. Even though it's more difficult, if you know what your doing it's lots of fun. The number of moves and combos in combat are limited to a total of about six moves and you would figure that would get boring. however every time you pull a combo and execute your enemy in a cinematic fashion there are several possible animations that can play. This keeps combat even more fresh than normal.

Though i have some complaints about how the game ends it's still well worth the money. I only have one main word of advice for anyone who wants to play this game. Expect an odd ending and to buy the sequel sinc your more or less left hanging.

Best Trailer for the game
(I love this vid)

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Brothers Rising

When it comes to music There are far to many genres for me to pin down what I like the best. Aside of modern rap and R&B I typically like all the music I hear on some level. Though it's obvious I like some music more than others like everyone.
When it comes to instrumental music though I really have to say it is the best of any kind. Having no lyrics makes the music more potent in my opinion because it carries a much more pure feeling. Without lyrics music stays international and multicultural because you can still understand the sound.

I don't know to much about the Yoshida Brothers but they did the music for the Wii commercial "Kodo inside the sun remix". However I do know that the music that they produce is really great. Not all of it is my style but they have some good tracks and it's worth listening to in my opinion.

Rising by the Yoshida Brothers

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