Friday, September 23, 2011

Animate the Avatar

First off in light on the blog flat-lining when I changed the look, I've changed the background again to hopefully appeal to most of anyone still coming around.

Now on the note of the look I chose, I decided on another Persona background. The reason? Because the game is being made into an anime this season!
I'll just keep this short and say, I'm a pretty big Persona fan (though not die-hard). And I'm really looking forward to watching this show, especially some of the scenes like the kings game and the camping trip.

----CP Out----

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Done With the Dunmer Land

After playing the game Morrowind on and off for five years, I have finally completed the game in it's entirety. Everything from the main story, to the multiple faction quests, to the two expansions packs; I've finished it all. Unfortunately though, I can' say I've left no stone unturned. I know there are still various miscellaneous missions and quests floating around in the game's confines; And I may go back to conquer them one day too. However, as it stands I know for a fact that I have completed at least 80% of the game's content, if not more which I think is the case.

I feel happy, I feel satisfied, and now there's only one thing left to do...

Go back and play it again >=D

----CP Out----

Monday, September 05, 2011

Debating on Bonus

Over on Game Trailers the most recent episode of Bonus round (a panel discussion show about games) featured two of my favourite game directors, Ken Levine and Todd Howard.

During this episode an interesting debate broke out about story telling in games. Seeing as how my last video blog was about this exact subject, I was quite surprised, and riveted at the same time. Even though the third panel member, David Jaffe, was both long-winded and unsavoury in how he put his thoughts forward, one thing was agreed upon by all three panel members.

Games and movies are not the same thing, if you want to tell a story through cut scenes go make a movie.

I didn't say this explicitly in my video, but I was pointing toward the idea the whole time. Games are all about interaction, not about story. If that wasn't true people wouldn't spend hours playing multiplayer matches, or grinding through levels in MMOs. For that reason interaction should never suffer for the sake of story. Therefore the story in a game should be intertwined with the gameplay, and not presented in a hands off cutscene format.

If your' interested in watching the episode of Bonus Round that this whole post has been about, then check the link below. Sorry but there's no embed code for the video.

Bonus Round With Ken Levine, Todd Howard, and David Jaffe

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