Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oculus Fail

For the record I wrote this episode after talking with Sips who, after trying VR, said he just doesn't get it. Then he made a joke about being too old for VR, lol.

Check out a more in depth discussion over on my sub-reddit here.

hope you liked the video.
---Strife Out---

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Modern Adventure

Just this last November I finally became aware of modern adventure games when I picked up chapter one of "The Wolf Among Us". Needless to say I've learned a lot about what a game that limits player input, and relies more on you watching, can offer.

In all honesty, it's actually surprising how long it's taken me to get in tune with adventure games of the day. As for a short period after graduating from high school, I had no qualms with playing Japanese visual novels, which require a lot more time and reading. Regardless of the reason I've learned now, especially with the conclusion of “The Wolf Among Us” Ch.3, just how involved of an experience modern adventure games can deliver. Everything from needing quick reactions, to QTEs, and regretting a choice you made episodes ago. It's all quite new to me, and I love it.

Suffice to say, I'm a lot more open to playing adventure games now than I ever was in the past. It's not that I disrespected them in the past, I just never wanted to personally play them until now.

---Strife Out---