Saturday, April 19, 2014

Oculus Fail

For the record I wrote this episode after talking with Sips who, after trying VR, said he just doesn't get it. Then he made a joke about being too old for VR, lol.

Check out a more in depth discussion over on my sub-reddit here.

hope you liked the video.
---Strife Out---


505Northman said...

Loved your video on it! Totally agree with you!

Unknown said...

Oh complain about it but totally want one! Wow....
In England they're actually reasonably popular...(ish)
Well, no one I know particularly hate them, and I live among gamers.
I've been watching your channel since parv did a series with you,
I loved them (cuz I watched them on your channel too)
Hope you enjoy you vr!
P.s are you going to upload any of you videos with it? Please do!