Thursday, January 15, 2009

Devil may Cryin Out Loud

About three weeks ago I bought Devil May Cry 4 during an after Christmas sale. I just recently beat it and I have a soul complaint that's big enough that I care to voice.

If you don't know Devil May Cry is a game series that spawned off of Resident Evil (AKA Biohazard) when the creator was trying to eliminate the clunky game play style of the survival horror genre. Devil May Cry is a game that focuses on battling hoards of enemies while looking as stylish as possible while doing it. The game play formula is commonly accepted as the 3D replacement for the classic 2D action platforming.

Anyway I'm not new to the DMC series but at the same time I'm not a real vet either. Simply put I've been playing it long enough to know the whole story and remember how all the characters used to look. Usually when (and if) video game characters change they do so in two directions, one for each sex. Men get bigger, stronger, steroid muscular, and more badass. Women however get thinner, more hooker like, bigger boobs, and a total disregard for practical clothing, or covering their skin in general.

This brings me to a character from DMC3 called Lady. When they made her she had a real school girl look to her, wearing a pair of short shorts under a skirt, and a loose dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up. This looked good on her and above everything else she was a true example of sexy but practical. Now however in DMC4... well my picture below sums up what's wrong with Lady now.

----CP Out----