Thursday, October 30, 2008

Fallout Angel

In light of the recent release of FallOut 3 and the growing trend that I can see for post nuke concept I think it's appropriate that I cover my own point of view over the media concept. Before I do though I should mention that I have yet to play FallOut 3 since I'm on vacation and nowhere near my desktop. So most of what I'm saying is purely from a visual and aesthetic point of view.

To start off with I'll cover the idea which is FallOut. The FallOut game series is the embodiment of the concept that there was, sometime in our future, a massive war which was all about natural resources. The amount of fighting was considerably smaller than prior wars. The reason? because tensions climbed so fast that nuclear armaments were chosen as the prime weapon. The bad part though is that nearly every country that had a nuke launched theirs within five minutes of every other countries launch. The result? a World war that lasted three minutes with no winner what so ever. The world became a barren wasteland filled with the fragile remains of what it once was.

This is the concept of the FallOut series, and the post war result is the very Idea that the current post apocalyptic media trend follows.

This brings me to the independent series called Fallen Angel created by Robbie Robertson. It's the depiction of the same idea but with different social results. It also uses a very here and now concept to explain why everything happened. Instead of people banding together they fight one another, there seems to be no problem with actual fallout either, and the name of the game is kill anyone you see. Of course there isn't that much out in the line of Fallen Angel right now so those statements could easily change.

The main concept though is the same and It's kinda eerie to see the fairly accurate depiction of what would happen when watching Fallen Angel. Additionally it's not completely fun to see the ruined world in FallOut 3, since it is the US capitol, and a world that many of us can relate to. The current world we live in is so capable of of crumbling to what is seen in these media creations is scary. To think of the world after such an event has happened, and what it would be like, to have to survive in such an environment. That is assuming you weren't one of the seventy percent of the world that died in the initial attack. For such a sublimely surreal world to be possible is quite simply creepy. It's one of the reasons that I love the concept but also hate it. To feel so connected to the idea and understand that It's totally possible is an incredible feeling that's very two faced. You love the media and entertainment value but hate just how close to possible the concept is.

I won't pan though the idea any more, as I could go on forever. Though my point is that the post nuke war idea is starting to become a bit popular, and what's popular in the media usually is because of how it relate to the real world we live in.

---CP Out---

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adam, Eve, and Plankton

So being a gamer of mixed designs I play a lot of different genres. Mostly though the games I play are system specific. That is when it comes to First person games I prefer to experience them on a computer, RPGs play well with consoles, strategy with PC, etc etc etc. So it's a bit disappointing to see games on other systems get an extra hand up when I chose not to go in that particular route.
One recent example is the leaked video of the bioshock 2 teaser seen on a PS3. It's not like I'm really missing out on anything in this case, and I'm not to displeased about it either. I'm just a bit upset that something like this that so well fits into the advertising department, is kept secret and exclusive.

Let me take a step back though. Bioshock is a first person shooter that I really liked. I know that it's just like system shock 2 but all the same I've never played it and probably never will because of the time constraints I have. It's a shooter that's unlike many out there and it's story is refreshing with a few twists, though a bit predictable.
So hearing about a sequel has grabbed my attention, while at the same time has made me hungry for a HD trailer. This is where I'm annoyed, the poor quality leaked video is almost certainly real and it clearly fits the definition of advertising. So why not release an HD version? I'm just nitpicking I know, I can't really help myself because I always want the best of the best visuals, but that's just who I am.

Anyway from what It seems 2K won't be letting the game stagnate (but I hold no hopes). I'm anticipating the next instalment and if what I've herd is true than I'll hopefully still be interested enough to also buy the third one should they make it.

---CP Out---

Friday, October 10, 2008

Killer Coctail

So I'm not much of a drinker myself, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the occasional mixed beverage every once in a while. However being the creative and design aesthetic man that I am, means that I naturally care about how it looks as well.

This is where it gets cool, AK bullet Ice Cubes cool. This is an ice cube tray that makes ice look like those deadly shrapnel filled casings, made for machine guns. Frivolous? yes but still hella cool. I think I'll get one of these. How else can you make your cocktail this cool? I can think of a few but this is a definite must.

----CP Out----