Friday, August 31, 2007

No Hands!

This is amazing! There's a lot of stuff I wish I could do with no hands. However there are some things I just can't imagine being possible without them. Writing, gaming, typing, etc but how about something that you can't CONCEIVE without your fingers? What would that be you ask?

Well how about ting your shoelaces?

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Thursday, August 30, 2007

classic air

I was running around and found this video. The game looks like it gets REALLY hard but damn it looks like it's fun. It's title is apparently "Munch Munch Pork!". I've herd some weird names but that tops them all it doesn't seem to make sense for this game.

"Munch Munch Pork!" promotional vid

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Friday, August 17, 2007

Social Summer

To Heart is a show that I'm not overly fond of but I did enjoy watching it. Honestly though it's sequel/spin-off was a lot better. The reason why? I suppose because of the fact that the girls are real Bishojo in their art form. The other reason is because the main character isn't and ugly plugged nose sounding character.

Anyway the pace of the shows are slow and simple. That's why I like them so much their not in a rush to do anything. I believe it's important to watch relaxing anime every so often. If I kept stimulating my brain with every anime I saw I would have no energy or space to think about MY projects.

Here's some pics from the second OVA episode that follows the show itself.

To Heart 2 OVA pics
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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Maximum Music

Ever seen something and wanted to know the story behind it? i have and half the time that happens I'm watching an AMV and see some one or some thing that just makes me say "I gotta see more of that". Well it happened again today, it was a kick ass AMV and then a clip of this one girl pops up seemingly doing a performance while singing. Well the clip was so cool that it hit me so i had to look for it right away.

about a half hour later and I've turned up what i was looking for. Unfortunately to my dismay it turns out the clips are from a video game published in Korea. It's just a real cool beginning and the intro isn't that bad either. Bottom line though there's no story behind why the girl is singing and what type of life she lives. I wish what i saw came from an anime but oh well i can't do anything about it. It goes so far as to be the only real visual in the game too because interface is like a more complex version of DDR only for your fingers.

For those of you who want to know the game is called "DJ MAX Portable" for the PSP.


Also there is apparently a sequel

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Kyou no go no ni

"Today in class 5-2" is how the title is said in English. It's a show about kids in elementary school, fifth grade to be exact.

This show brought back memories of what it was like to be a kid at that uncertain age. The shows content is rather ecchi but that doesn't stop the fact that it's underlying social base is real. It has some good comedy and interesting parts to it. One of the reasons that i felt like this show was more real was due to the fact that all the kids didn't wear uniforms. While I've gotten used to the whole formal uniform look for high schoolers I still didn't have that kind of experience during my mandatory education. So obviously when i see an anime with people dressed more naturally at something like school i feel like it's much more real to the world I live in.

Anyway the show was good and I had bouts of laughter several times over. Even though the events ended in a sexual manner more than half the time it didn't really bother me. The reason why is because not all the situations were intentional it was just the way they were presented. For instance one girl decides to suck on the main characters finger in order to help get her loose tooth out. Now as odd as it is to use someone else's finger it's not THAT strange. However you can bet that the way the scene was set up it was a bit... little.. ok straight up was suggestive.

Regardless i think the show was played off well. I would suggest it to... guys. Only real problem with it is fan service.


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