Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Forget the force!

hehe so i was doing some browsing and I found this video. I think it's intresting that the Japanese can be so direct. Who would have known that they would win so easily.

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Monday, January 29, 2007


hmm hmm hmmm well this is the best opening for an anime i have ever seen in my opnion. The only thing that can even come lose to rivaling it is something like cowboy bebop. It has such an intresting flow and runs with the music well.

Of course i was supurised at this when i found it. Not to bad I guess though it sounds like the lyrics are squeezed in a bit at times.

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K or C same difference

Well I've been watching the 06 remake of the anime Kanon which is turning out rather well. The honest truth is that I decided to watch this just because of the fact that it was done by the same studio who made AIR. After getting well into the show I have to say that I'm happy that i decided to watch it. Not only is the art very well done but theres more feeling in it than the original. The amount of story is also much better since there's twenty-four episodes instead of thirteen like the original. The depth and feeling is very high on this anime for the fact of how well it's written and how supreme the art is.

It's unusual that you see three versions to a story and get to see so much evolution in the art. First the game which has great colouring, then the 02 anime which has animation quality, followed by the 06 anime remake which is king of the mountain because of how all the character are more defined and the dramatic lighting and colouring.

The original opening from the game

The Opening for the 02 anime

The opening for the 06 anime remake

I'm certain you can tell which one is the best hands down.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

The beauty of fatality

Whenever it comes to media i think my absolute favourite type of way to present it is in a trailer. Trailers can create an entire world and mesmerise you within two minutes. It tells a story and of course leaves you hanging in the end usually in order to get you to see the whole story.

The music the effects and the way the whole thing is presented makes all the difference. I've seen some horrid teasers and some supreme ones which is why i love them so much and i like to think of how to make good ones.

One of my favourite trailers ever is the one for the game Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly. It tells you what the story is drags you in and tells you just how you will play the game.

On an alternative note it seems Google has gotten rid of it's video service and now is depending wholly on You Tube. I find this unfortunate since i liked Google video better.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Take Note of Death

Well I know i'm saying something about this kinda late in relation to when it happened. One of the best animes I have ever watched in my entire life has been licenced just near 12 episodes In. Viz Media picked it up and since it's a hot show now a lot of people have dropped it. The intresting thing though is that what Viz has decided to do with the show. Oddly enough the company seems to have a brain in control. What they have announced is that they will have the show subbed and distrubited it online while it's still airing in Japan for those fans who still want to stay current with the serries. This is a huge move as noone has ever in history done this before.

My comment is that I hope they get REAL subbers for the project as Death Note is a detailed and complex show based on thought and not action. By real subbers I mean people who auectly SPEAK english and japanese. If you have ever seen a sub job from the japanese (such as the FMA movie) you would understand how grating it is to read a translation from someone who knows it but doesn't SPEAK it. Think of the translations the best student in a french class would do with never having to carry on real conversation.

The intro to Death Note

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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Don't play as Link BE Link!

Well this is amazing. This guy is honestly in my opinion most like Link from Zelda. Honestly he dose so many things here that resemble obstacles in the games. Even though not everything there is equal to what you can do i think there is an equivalence to everything you see.

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Adore all audio

Of all the elements in my life one of the most important is my music. Even though I use my eyes to an extreme extent I'd be able to get by and live happy if I ever went blind because I could still listen to my music. Listening to all the small details that composers and remixers create increases my pleasure and love of music.

Considering how I love music and how closely I listen to it when I love a song I'm obviously listening to more than just the meleody but as much of it as I can hear and distinguish. This reality in relation to games has been a very progressive movement for me since I've been playing games since the NES to current day. some songs rank above all else and I have several. Most of those songs being purely instrumental because of how I can be much more enraptured by the sound and not the lyrics.

One of the Video games wich makes a good mix of old school and modern forms of music playback is Chrono Cross. While some of the music is clearly synthetic there are tracks with very real and organic feel, such as vibration of the sting instruments. Due to this fact Even though I have yet to beat the game it's sound track sits high on my list for playback.

To more throughly express my opnion here is the intro to the game. Though the music isn't my favourite out of it's library it is one of my top three form the game.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Please give me more!

Back on the anime scene, one of my favourite animes ever is onegai twins. The reason why is because of how beautiful the art is, the area it takes place in is panoramic, and the main character dose computer programing and i understand the text they show on his monitor. However large these reasons are there's also the intro song which i just love and couldn't get enough of when i first herd it. To this day the song "Second Flight" sits atop my library with more than 225 plays and here I've only known about the song for not even a whole year.

on the note of second flight i found out while browsing last night that i was right in my suspicions. I was certain that the music from the machima wow movie in the prior post was very familiar. It turns out that the song was done by none other than Kotoko who also did the intro for onegai twins and onegai teacher (twins prequel series). After finding this out it made total sense why i loved the music in the machima so much.

well now i know to keep my ear to the ground for music from Kotoko two songs and now I'm sold to keep listening. Now for the Onegai twins intro to help communicate my point.

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

WoW this is good

I'm a world of warcraft player and eventhough i'm not as avid i used to be i'm still a grade A warcraft fan. Because of that i can't really contain myself about this movie I found. It's inspiring and powerful, packing a very powerful punch.

World of Warcraft movie: Eternal Legend

The editing job on this thing is great if only i had the paitence to capture the footage to do a project like this. Unfortunately it seems as though my video editing skills go to waste because of my lack of paitence.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

Wii love zelda fanworks

Zelda the wii and comedy all in one. I love this thing laugh out loud funny.

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