Monday, January 22, 2007

Take Note of Death

Well I know i'm saying something about this kinda late in relation to when it happened. One of the best animes I have ever watched in my entire life has been licenced just near 12 episodes In. Viz Media picked it up and since it's a hot show now a lot of people have dropped it. The intresting thing though is that what Viz has decided to do with the show. Oddly enough the company seems to have a brain in control. What they have announced is that they will have the show subbed and distrubited it online while it's still airing in Japan for those fans who still want to stay current with the serries. This is a huge move as noone has ever in history done this before.

My comment is that I hope they get REAL subbers for the project as Death Note is a detailed and complex show based on thought and not action. By real subbers I mean people who auectly SPEAK english and japanese. If you have ever seen a sub job from the japanese (such as the FMA movie) you would understand how grating it is to read a translation from someone who knows it but doesn't SPEAK it. Think of the translations the best student in a french class would do with never having to carry on real conversation.

The intro to Death Note

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