Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Please give me more!

Back on the anime scene, one of my favourite animes ever is onegai twins. The reason why is because of how beautiful the art is, the area it takes place in is panoramic, and the main character dose computer programing and i understand the text they show on his monitor. However large these reasons are there's also the intro song which i just love and couldn't get enough of when i first herd it. To this day the song "Second Flight" sits atop my library with more than 225 plays and here I've only known about the song for not even a whole year.

on the note of second flight i found out while browsing last night that i was right in my suspicions. I was certain that the music from the machima wow movie in the prior post was very familiar. It turns out that the song was done by none other than Kotoko who also did the intro for onegai twins and onegai teacher (twins prequel series). After finding this out it made total sense why i loved the music in the machima so much.

well now i know to keep my ear to the ground for music from Kotoko two songs and now I'm sold to keep listening. Now for the Onegai twins intro to help communicate my point.

---CP Out---

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