Thursday, January 11, 2007

Adore all audio

Of all the elements in my life one of the most important is my music. Even though I use my eyes to an extreme extent I'd be able to get by and live happy if I ever went blind because I could still listen to my music. Listening to all the small details that composers and remixers create increases my pleasure and love of music.

Considering how I love music and how closely I listen to it when I love a song I'm obviously listening to more than just the meleody but as much of it as I can hear and distinguish. This reality in relation to games has been a very progressive movement for me since I've been playing games since the NES to current day. some songs rank above all else and I have several. Most of those songs being purely instrumental because of how I can be much more enraptured by the sound and not the lyrics.

One of the Video games wich makes a good mix of old school and modern forms of music playback is Chrono Cross. While some of the music is clearly synthetic there are tracks with very real and organic feel, such as vibration of the sting instruments. Due to this fact Even though I have yet to beat the game it's sound track sits high on my list for playback.

To more throughly express my opnion here is the intro to the game. Though the music isn't my favourite out of it's library it is one of my top three form the game.

---CP Out---

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