Thursday, January 25, 2007

The beauty of fatality

Whenever it comes to media i think my absolute favourite type of way to present it is in a trailer. Trailers can create an entire world and mesmerise you within two minutes. It tells a story and of course leaves you hanging in the end usually in order to get you to see the whole story.

The music the effects and the way the whole thing is presented makes all the difference. I've seen some horrid teasers and some supreme ones which is why i love them so much and i like to think of how to make good ones.

One of my favourite trailers ever is the one for the game Fatal Frame II Crimson Butterfly. It tells you what the story is drags you in and tells you just how you will play the game.

On an alternative note it seems Google has gotten rid of it's video service and now is depending wholly on You Tube. I find this unfortunate since i liked Google video better.

---CP Out---

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