Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ink, Paper, and Death

Well just the other day I finally finished Death Note. I have to say that this story, show, concept was the best thing I have seen in my lifetime. Never has something held my attention so well. Never has something been so intriguing to me. NEVER have I experienced a story that was as shocking as a soap opera but as logical as a forensics investigation.

Death note has topped my list of anime, achieving the highest pinnacle and setting the bar to a new level. This story was so good that it has not only raised the standard for anime, but entertainment in general. If something can surpass this unbelievable work of art it will do what I find impossible.

still in awe of Death Note
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Thursday, July 19, 2007

High Definition Dust

There's nothing like a video game which you can waste away on for hours. I've been subject to that type of problem for some time in my life. Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metal Gear, Final Fantasy, GTA, Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft are just a few of the games which i have played beaten and then kept on playing because of how fun they are. Titles like GTA, Zelda, and Silent Hill were games where I just had to get everything, and spent hours doing just that (100% completion rating). While Titles like Warcraft and Starcraft I just wasted away with on line multi player fun.

Losing myself to a game is great but bad at the same time. Nothing I can really do about it though because of my OCD for games. When i get stared I just can't stop and now I just seem to have found another game which I just am NOT getting bored of. Super Stardust HD is and awesome game that's available for the PS3 on the on-line store. The music is just simply kick ass and the game play is so simple yet compelling. hours of enjoyment is what I've had playing it and I'm still having just that much fun still playing it.

The only thing better than this video is playing the game.

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Friday, July 13, 2007


Looking at things that have been around for a while I'm amazed at how good some them still look. The art of Music, Colour, and Choreography are things that never really fade because if it's good it's good. Fashion is of course different, just look at what was popular 15-20 years ago from from any given current day and you'll see. Anyhow this brings me upon a character I really have no favour for since I think he's a bad person. Undeniably though he was an amazing artistic figure in the early 90s. I am of course talking about Michael Jackson. He had a skill and it was put to good use. For that reason his work still shines today (at least in my opinion) even if his character doesn't.

Anyway the reason I brought this subject up is because of how I finally went and watched some of his music videos. I recall seeing several of them when I was very young but never really understood them. Well I do now and being trained in graphical design I can say that the works are still done well.

If it was just about Michael Jackson I wouldn't have said anything but i found this clip that... quite frankly scars me.

This is the original "thriller" music video.

And this is what I found that's just creepy to me.

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