Saturday, July 28, 2007

Ink, Paper, and Death

Well just the other day I finally finished Death Note. I have to say that this story, show, concept was the best thing I have seen in my lifetime. Never has something held my attention so well. Never has something been so intriguing to me. NEVER have I experienced a story that was as shocking as a soap opera but as logical as a forensics investigation.

Death note has topped my list of anime, achieving the highest pinnacle and setting the bar to a new level. This story was so good that it has not only raised the standard for anime, but entertainment in general. If something can surpass this unbelievable work of art it will do what I find impossible.

still in awe of Death Note
---CP Out---


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Agreed. Last night I bought the complete series of Last Exile for $49.99 from Suncoast. BOO-YEAH!

Anonymous said...

THat last one was from Ben.....

Anonymous said...

Sometime I would like to see a new post...are you still alive?