Friday, July 13, 2007


Looking at things that have been around for a while I'm amazed at how good some them still look. The art of Music, Colour, and Choreography are things that never really fade because if it's good it's good. Fashion is of course different, just look at what was popular 15-20 years ago from from any given current day and you'll see. Anyhow this brings me upon a character I really have no favour for since I think he's a bad person. Undeniably though he was an amazing artistic figure in the early 90s. I am of course talking about Michael Jackson. He had a skill and it was put to good use. For that reason his work still shines today (at least in my opinion) even if his character doesn't.

Anyway the reason I brought this subject up is because of how I finally went and watched some of his music videos. I recall seeing several of them when I was very young but never really understood them. Well I do now and being trained in graphical design I can say that the works are still done well.

If it was just about Michael Jackson I wouldn't have said anything but i found this clip that... quite frankly scars me.

This is the original "thriller" music video.

And this is what I found that's just creepy to me.

---CP Out---

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