Sunday, December 10, 2006

Rolling star by YUI

Well a major Part of my life is the Japaneses culture. It consists of anime, Japanese music, and the language itself. Of course I'm not fluent or even proficient but If I were stranded in japan I would be able to make my way around somehow.

Anyway, on the entire note one of my favourite Japanese musical artists among others is Yui. I've known about her music for more than a year now and I've listened to her songs since I found her. The ironic thing is that when I look at the age of many of the artists from japan they frequently look early to mid 20s but aren't. (That's probably true with most artists but I'm only ever looking the way of japan).

In the case of Yui the irony (and surprise) I recived was that she's days short of two months older than myself. It's one of those things that caught me off guard since most artists are older than they look or much younger than they look. In any case her newest Single is coming out in January entitled "Rolling Star". This is a mark because i love it and it's her first electric song as she's been a acoustic artist till now.

Finally what type of blogger would i be if i didn't show you what I'm talking about?

---CP Out---

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