Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bill Bower - Dishonored

If you can't tell the idea of Bill Bower is to say inflammatory things about games no matter if they're good or bad. Things are looking good for this new review over Dishonored, because I'm seeing down votes on it already. You might call it malicious of me, but my goal isn't to piss people off. I'm just trying to light a fire under everyone so they engage with the video, no matter if they agree or rage over what is said.

If by chance you want to know my calm and collected opinion on the game, it's not to different from the second to last line in the vid. The gameplay in Dishonored is solid with very few faults, but I found it's story predictable and uncompelling.

Questions, Comments? I'd love to hear them!
----Strife Out----


Azure Afire said...

Here i am again, commenting on your latest piece...of completely obnoxious yet utterly raw and witty entertainment! Personally, i haven't tried the game yet (hardware limitations), but i've been curious for a long time. Your review is great because you really let me know what to expect. I'm a story-driven player and don't give much of a rat's ass about graphics, so my excitement for the game dampened a little. But the gameplay looks interesting, and the AI looks challenging, so after my needed upgrade and with enough mood (enough boredom maybe? XD), i just might try it. Your voice over is really convincing, can't help but imagine this huge, burly, hairy ranting Brit, and i couldn't help but laugh while listening XD hope you don't mind long comments. I just arrived from work, and i was sooo exhausted, but watching and listening to you rant just made my day (^_^) thanks!

JT0212 said...

I love these Strife, keep it up. When you were talking about Lara's ass jiggling in the tomb raider review, I lost it and started laughing uncontrollably right in the middle of work. Very entertaining.