Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bill Bower - Tomb Raider

I've been needing to do something vastly different from what I normally do for a while. Months ago a thought sprung into my head. what if I express my completely irrational and unfounded discontent for games as a different person? Minutes Later Bill Bower was born, an angry British man (that sounds like an American doing a bad accent) who does nothing but bitch about games weather they be good or bad.

No doubt not everyone will like what I've done here. If that is the case, then in the words of Bill Bower let me say, FUCK OFF!!

----Strife Out----

1 comment:

Azure Afire said...

I've watched you, Bill Bower. And i say you are very entertaining! (^_^) i've always been fond of loud and gnarly voices engaged in all manner of witty ranting. Plus, a British accent adds to the charm. I do that too sometimes, when i voice over my characters when i play or read. Let it be the 1st of many, many more episodes to come.