Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A Slice With Strife

A Slice With Strife is a new series that I'm doing that will focus on a different game every time. It's all about either my impressions while playing a game the first time, or just me having fun in a game I love.
In this d├ębut episode I look at the game Lone Survivor, which is said to do Silent Hill better than Silent Hill did Silent Hill (if that makes sense).

Any game I play here has the chance to become it's own series. However, weather that happens or not is determined by feedback, and what you guys want to see me play more of.

----Strife Out----

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Azure Afire said...

You know, you really made sense when you wrote the last line. This I am a HUGE Silent Hill fan. I specially loved the 1st 3 installments. The 4th was ok, but i'm a story-driven player, and i didn't like it as much. Anyway, i've always used SH as a standard for what a truly terrifying game should be. Fatal Frame and Siren came close. But Very, very interesting. You really have a knack for choosing cool games, sir. I will try this game for sure. Thanks for sharing this! I'll resist the temptation to keep watching to avoid spoilers.