Wednesday, April 03, 2013

BioShock Infinite and Bill Bower

So there's something that I'm just having a hard time wrapping my head around when it comes to these Bill Bower reviews. Why do so many people not like them? Then there's the bigger question, why are people bothering to watch the video if they know they don't like Bill Bower?

Weather or not people actually want me to do these reviews has never been the question. I'm doing them for myself, and to stretch the boundaries of my writing skills. The people who come and ask me to do a "normal review" just aren't gong to get what they want. I did "normal" reviews for Fallout New Vegas and RAGE, and I hated doing those. They were just the same as guides, but stuffed full of opinion and no factual substance. If I'm going to be opinionated then I prefer to be loud about what my thoughts are.

Ultimately I think most people just don't like the idea of me being mean, even when I'm delivering comments under a completely different persona. If I was to drop Bill Bower but still do reviews, I wouldn't change my writing style; And I don't think any of us want an angry, snide, and sarcastic William Strife, and I right?

----Strife Out----


Azure Afire said...

It's me again! Hope you don't mind (^_^) i've just finished reading your latest post, and i say this: GOOD FOR YOU!! (^o^)v
I understand how you feel. I really wonder why they don't like Bill Bower. He is sooo very funny and amusing! I love your brand of humor when you take on his persona. Really can't get enough of it (^o^) I've also been wondering why people bother to watch or listen to stuff they don't like. Well, i believe they REALLY like you a lot. But most of them are pretty stuck with what they were used to seeing you do. People tend to cling to what's familiar; it's like a form of loyalty to your "brand". But what they don't see is that your newer work via Bill Bower is ALSO all YOU. Maybe they keep watching 'coz they're trying to get used to your new work? Or maybe they're watching for changes in it, suppposedly you following their advice...and then prepare to bash you when you don't, thinking they're doing you a service? Either way, don't let them stop or discourage you in the present strides your making. If they don't find Bill Bower lovable or entertaining, it's THEIR LOSS. Yup, screw them. I understand that there is pressure for you to please your audience. But of course, before anyone else, it should be you who finds the utmost pleasure and enjoyment in your work. You have every right to explore whatever new thing you'd like to try, and to expand your horizons. You are an artist, and it's all about expression. They can't expect you to thrive on the same thing. That would suck the life out of you and your work. I myself have a lot of plans at present. I'm dying to try new things. I'm excited; it's like an adventure ^_^ don't lose that flame that got you started, ever.

Whoa, i've written so much! Hope it doesn't hurt your eyes reading this! I haven't watched your vid just yet. As much as i want to, i don't want any spoilers for bioshock infinite. I want a total surprise, which i love. i even plan to play the 1st bioshock again to refresh my thrill of it. Will be watching it when it's finally safe for me, ehehe. Thanks again, and more power to you William Strife/Bill Bower!! God bless!!

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