Saturday, January 26, 2008

Shuffling Over the Pond!

Well it was bound to finally happen and it's finally here. The oh so overly posted and dearly loved series of mine called Shuffle has finally come to the states. I have to say I'm a bit torn about the results. I've never expected much from dub jobs and their always horrible so when i listen to them I pay more attention to how things were translated. After all when anything is dubbed in a different language than it's original script there are jokes and puns that just can't translate.

The bottom line on Shuffle is that while the dub is the embodiment of carnage to the characters It's still interesting enough for me to bear.

For any of you who want to know about HOW bad it is just check the first two episodes over at the official site.

Also I've posted the English made trailer for the show below. Before you watch it I have to say that it's far removed from what the show actually is. Contrary to what you may think from it's content the show is not based on fan service and dose not revolve around it (this isn't a show like rosario to vampire). The edit and cut in the vid is quite clearly done to attract the market of overly horny otaku and draws from some rather sparse incidents. Though the show dose take a turn toward fanservice later on thw story gets good enough to shake that off.

Here's the English trailer

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