Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Recurrence of Haruhi Suzumiya

Oh the irony! Just last week I was home from work and bored out of my mind but not wanting to do anything that I had on hand for entertainment. So as I sat in my bed and simply stewed there not knowing what to do wile I wasted hours digging stuff on my laptop I had an idea. "Hey I haven't read The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya in forever." Having just finished watching the series on the weekend for the fifth time with yet another friend who never knew the twisting turbulent joys which the series is; I was feeling a bit bad for stopping just before reaching new content that was never covered in the show. So I went over to Baka-Tsuki and read the rest of "Lone Island Syndrome" the last chapter in the third book.

This is where things get interesting. I am by no means a bookworm and don't really like to read. That being said I do read around three to five books a year in general because there's just some things that a book can do that visuals can't. The fourth volume the Melancholy though was so riveting i just couldn't stop reading. Even when I started to hurt from sitting in the bed for too long I just didn't care the story had gotten to good!

Now this week I'm slapped across the face by a (fairly old) article on ANN about there being a hint at more Melancholy comming our way. On Tuesday December 18 at 4:00a.m. the SOS site disappeared and a typical 404 error could be seen. However an additional message appears and says the program is starting up. After the proper pass in entered an xterm terminal message is displayed. YUKI.N says that the emergency escape program has been found and to press enter to continue. After doing so it states the second anime series has been canceled and a new project has replaced it.

This may not mean anything to any of those half ass fans who frolic about and talk about how good the series was and go off to write fan fics because of how they want "more" even though there is additional official story and they haven't even tried to look to see where the show originally came from... I digress (I hate those fans). However to a *cough* REAL *cough* fan of the melancholy this is a huge sign.

It has been confirmed that the biggest story arc after the main struggle is indeed the same story in the fourth volume.

The Disappearance of Haruhi Suzumiya

The title means what it says Haruhi Disappears and everything go haywire. However dont' expect it to be jsut that simple this is no normal missing persons report we're talking about. It's full of curves twists and amazing events that (in my opinion) FAR surpass the quality and suspense of the original struggle in season one. I don't compare totally different animes often but the disappearance is quite honestly just as good as watching death note.

Overly excited for the sequel
---CP Out---

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