Thursday, January 10, 2008

Definition by Pixel

I'm a major nut for the quality of my displays. Anyone who knows me would understand this as it's something I pride myself on. My desktop runs at it's maxed out 1280x1024 full screen display; and I specifically bought my notebook model because the display supported 1680x1050. Currently my next computer planned for a build by this May will have a dual display using 30" Samsung monitors supporting a maximum of 2560x1600 each. This is what I need considering I'm always out of room when I'm using programs like Illustrator. A larger Display, higher resolution, and an extra monitor allow me to have plenty of space, view area, and one entire on hand place where I can put all my tools.

This is the case but recently I have found something better that beats a dual display. For more than one reason (many not being constructive ones) this would be the perfect solution for me. It also has the best response time I've ever herd and an amazing colour gambit. However at such a price it's a dream unless I make it big until they come down in price. The real down side? the height is limited to 900.

A REAL wide screen display

Want one yet?
--CP Out--

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