Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Software Scramble

I was rather surprised today when I logged onto steam and found a new section dedicated to software. This is something I never really saw coming. Even though the move to include non-game software was announced some time ago, it's debut has still caught me off guard. All the programs currently available are somehow related to game creation, ranging from art, to 3D modeling, to actual game creation; but none of it is tied to a pre-existing game or engine.

Judging by things Valve has said recently about their hiring process, It seems to me like their intention is to encourage armature and indie game creation. Once there's a crowd of creative individuals making their own stuff out of passion, Valve may end up trying to pick up some of the best talent to help improve the ranks of the company.
I'm probably wrong, as I just don't see Valve being so deliberately manipulative, but it's still possible. Especially since they have no boss grunt structure.

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Cirman said...

Digging Game Maker so far. Making your own game engine for a 2D game in Python or Java or something is quite a waste of time with this tool lying around.