Tuesday, October 02, 2012


It's no secret that Resident Evil six is dropping, and to accompany the game are a host of poor reviews warning people away from it. There was a time when I loved the RE series, and I played through all the games because of that love (excluding half of Veronica X and 4). However, I only played RE 5 for three reasons, one it was cheap to buy, two my friend pushed me to get it, and three a buy two get one free sale at gamestop. I wasn’t impressed with RE5 and I'm in no way interested in RE6. In all honesty, the game series has fallen from grace.

Despite the fact that it's supposed to be a horror series, it hasn't sacred me in a long time. If fact I'm finding myself more horrified by how I'll probably end up buying RE6 because of that same friend. He wants to play through it with me, and seeing how I already own all the RE games, it stands to reason for me to pick up the new one right?

Friends with bad taste in videogames can be scary!

----Strife Out----


Unknown said...

That they can! One pushed me to get Sonic 06'. Don't know if you liked, let alone played it, but I am on the dislike end of the lightsaber.

Anonymous said...

looking forward to deadspace 3,and doom 3 remastered for the 360, to scare myself this winter... ;)