Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TESO Screens

A handful of new screen shots of the Elder Scrolls MMO have appeared. I like the art style being used, and so far it's looking rather good. Of course I'm still concerned about how this game will potentially affect my favourite franchise, but going at this with a positive attitude is about all I can do.

Obviously there's still no release date for the game, but it's clear the development is moving right along. In all honesty though, my biggest fear right now is TES online possibly replacing WoW for the king of MMOs. Blizzard and Warcraft used to be my favouries, then they found extreme success and stopped being the franchise and developer I came to love.
I guess I'm just nervous. I'm just worried about the worst possible outcomes.

----Strife Out----

In response to Mundo's comment I want to clarify something. When I say Warcraft, I mean the entire series, and Blizzard's history in reference to it. I'm not just talking about WoW in this post. The Warcraft game series started back in 1994, and I have gaming roots going farther back than that.

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Una Persona del Mundo said...

From the little information that I got from OMFGCata, it's really looking like the combat mechanics, at the very least, are going to build upon earlier Elder Scrolls titles. It'll even have intelligent artificial intelligence on its NPCs (all on the word of Jesse Cox, of course, but his is trustworthy, I've found). It's a good video, and you should (if you haven't already) watch it.
I'm kind of curious as to how you think WoW did wrong. I joined and quit during Wrath of the Lich King, so this is rather unclear -- aside from the occasional furious Vanilla WoW troll that popped up in the forums, I'd never gotten a reasonable argument as to why Old WoW was best WoW.
Also, I must know if the comment section is the right place for this talk. New to the nuance of blogs. >.>