Saturday, July 21, 2012

EoP - Breaking the Genre Barrier

Well, here it is the last episode of Elements of Play You'll see for a while. This is also the final episode that Machinima told me to throw out because it wasn't what they wanted, even though they didn't look at it.

As a small extra bit of Information when I was making the thumbnail for this episode, I thought thought about using Zero Suit Samus. Then I got liberal with the graphic, and laughed at the result. Alas neither look was right for what I wanted, so I used the thumb you see in the video above.

----Strife Out----


Gray said...

What did machinima not like about this, was it too good?

Unknown said...

Their exact problem was it's "lack of views" and by extension they said it's problem was "not using triple A titles in each episode". Then they told me to toss out this episode, and the last five.

iRememberChocolate said...

Oh well at least your you've gain some recognition from your stint with Machinima, it wont be long until another gaming website starts knocking at your door. Hopefully a website interested in professionalism over marketability.