Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Legal Landmark

Ever since the beginning of digital content and DLC the EULA (end user license agreement) that comes with the software has forbidden the resale of of it. This has largely been due to how companies have wanted to prevent piracy, but also because they don't want to lose sales. Thus most EULAs have stuck to the idea that you aren't buying software, you're just buying a license to infinity use the software. Meaning you have no right to resell it.

Well that idea has been struck down by the EU court, and at least in the European Union it's now legal to resell digitally downloaded software. This may not affect anything in my neck of the woods, but seeing as how this is a step forward for gamers, I'm interested to see if it will change anything over here. After all world events unavoidably influence things stateside.

Read the article here

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Cirman said...

Fuck. Yes. As a member of the EU, I am officially stoked.

Unknown said...

Yeah this is awesome. I live in the UK and EU laws apply here. So it's all good. However the likes of Steam and EA's Origin service have to give us that option.

Gray said...

Yah!! now i can sell DLC to my friends soon!!