Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Leaking the Lost

Around a month or so ago the game developer 38 Studios went out of business. Even though I didn't play it, I had some interest in the only game they published while still around, Kingdoms of Amalur. Well it's no secret that the studio had another game in the works, an MMO also named Kingdoms of Amalur. The title will never see the light of day, and even though I could care less (MMOs just aren't my thing), I do find the trailer they made for it fun to watch.

The video below is a low quality trailer for the ill fated MMO. It clearly wasn't finished, as the narration is less than epic, and the scoring doesn't seem to rise and fall like it should. The art however was obviously complete or close to it, and the aesthetic design of morphing between 3D and 2D graphics is something I enjoy seeing. It's works like this that get my creative gears moving, and drive to to come up with new types of motion graphics.

I feel like I've gained something from watching this video. Hopefully I'll be able to put it to good use.

----Strife Out----


Cirman said...

The logo looks like 3 snakes eating each others tails. Elder Scrolls Online anyone?

Gray said...

i like the voice over, i think its better than the old guy with a gravely voice that fantasy everythings always use

Gray said...

P.S. am i the only one getting tired of fantasy mmo's and rpg's? i want something were im not trying to prevent a Apocalypse, i want something were im just trying to survive, were my GUN is my only true friend, something different.
* cough**cough*fallout*cough*