Friday, March 30, 2012

HD Botched

Y'know while I love the games of yestergen (ps2, xbox, game cube), but I just don't know how I feel about HD ports. Sure, I love the games, but are they really worth making and playing? Well no matter how I feel about their creation I still buy them and enjoy them. However, when you can't port a game correctly there's definitely a problem.

The Silent Hill HD collection was something I was looking forward to, but oh god the problems is has. I won't mince words on this, it's bad. Not only did they change the voice talent for the games, they also messed up the transparency levels of fog and draw distance. The result is basically how the games don't shine as much as the originals, and that's a serious shame.

I think the point here is how HD ports are supposed to be just that, PORTS. They shouldn't be re worked or messed with any more than they HAVE to be, otherwise you end up with something like Silent Hill HD.

---Strife Out---

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Zeldafan355 said...

Considering the fog and short draw distance were part of what the made the atmosphere of the Silent Hill games so engrossing, this is a serious problem.