Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Zelda Time Line

The Legend of Zelda, is a game series that I became a fanatic of when I was young. I played all the games, and even tried to make sense of all the instalments chronologically at one point.
Until just recently though, the series has had no official order of events, or chronological organization. With the release of a special 25th anniversary art book though, an official Zelda time line has come to light.
There's a lot of controversy surrounding what Nintendo has published, but this is What I want to say.

I'm surprised, discouraged, and not surprised at the same time. I'm discouraged that Eiji Aonuma seemed to pull this nonsensical time line out of thin air. I'm surprised they would do this with one of their two biggest franchises. Yet I'm not surprised because this is Nintendo, who seems to like going against what fans think and logic in general. Unfortunately no amount of complaining is going to change what's been done.
Personally, I still prefer the split time line theory covered by Game Trailers in their Zelda Retrospective.

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