Thursday, October 04, 2007

TONS of yen = LOTS of dollars

Neon genesis evangelion, that is the title of the biggest anime is the history of the Japaneses animation industry ever. Let me say right now that if you think your an anime freak or any type of otaku and don't know about this show your a light weight. If you have herd of it but haven't watched it you set slightly above that. Evangelion is a psychological and right out confusing anime that really makes you question the fabric of time and reality itself.
in my personal opinion there are two animes that will always be timeless. those are evangeilon and cowboy bebop; but even bebop came after and felt the effects of evangelion. Because of how revolutionary the show was bebop nearly didn't air and almost became a defunct show.

Ok ok enough i'll get to the point. After more then ten years the infamous evangelion series is having a rehash and is being animated as four movies. Hopefully it will make more sense this time around but the major point is the amount of money the first film has made. since opening on sep. 1st it has grossed 1.468 billion yen. Ok so what yen is like junk to the us dollar! yeah i know but the USD figure is $12,774,801. I really don't care who you are, that is still a lot of money.

I'm a evangelion fan myself and i look forward to getting my hands on there movies one way or another. Also just for the record I WILL be buying them when they come out because of how much i love the series, I own the series full sized platinum anniversary box set.

not much else to say so here's the original intro.

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