Saturday, October 20, 2007

Local Superstitions

When it comes to games I'm kinda picky and my library while moderately sized, is mostly comprised of titles that everyone has herd of. However when you own a new system you can't be picky for the soul reason that there's not much of anything well known available. For that reason i love and hate it when new systems are released. I get a chance to purchase new different and unknown titles without thinking that i wasted my cash because there were better titles available.

This brings me to subject of the game Folklore. The whole reason that i bought the game was because of how my plans to purchase a different one fell through. After one week I beat the game and it wasn't all that bad. It was worth the money but not much more than just that. The main reason is that the gameplay itself while ok isn't something I'm going to go back to because of how fun it was. The story would probably warrant another start to finish run though. It had many twists right to the end and was what made the game as worth the while as it was.

Game intro (seems to be old the village name is different in the the games)

On a side note the whole game really felt western as if there was no Japaneses influence. It felt so authentic when i first saw the game i wondered if it was made in the states. Anyway it was made in japan and that whole authentic feeling was blown away when the credits were scrolling and halfway through a j-pop song began to play... it was weird to say the lest.

j-pop fit to Irish folklore...

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