Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Normally when it comes to anime it's all about weird things happening and a desired situation being reached as the result. I've seen the formula worked over and over again and again. It's cliché and gets rather tiring after a while but it still produces some desired effects and situations.
Not seeing such a formula is welcome and even more so if it doesn't follow the mould even further. Not many animes do that but the few that do are more than often worth watching for just that reason alone.

This brings me the the show called REC. It's about how a relation can start physically and then develop to being something deep that's not dependant on the flesh. It was different and fun to watch, I only wish there was more to it though. The ending is a real non since it basically leaves off where there could be more story, but it just isn't being told. You could compare it to a story of high school life. There's more after school ends but that's simply not part of the story.

Anyway the intro song was really good in my opinion.

Rec intro

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Anonymous said...

cute song and intro animation! LOL~ Made me wanna watch it!

"One thing I know for sure after seeing that and so many other Japanese horror films. Hospitals over there need to have hallway lights installed or pay a 24 hour electric bill! Then those weird ghosts wont show up!"

couldn't have been said better! They want to save electricity, but only serve to make it more conducive for the... *cough* to lurk around X_X;;;