Wednesday, March 21, 2007

The Second Hunt

Dose anyone remember how Nintendo earned the title of being a "Kids system" back during their life on the N64? Well through the Game Cube years they suffered with that title and I was criticized for owning a "kids" console. Personally I believe that Nintendo shook that name when they had the first resident evil remade on their system and then the gory resident evil 4 was exclusive for a time. However I can't help but feel that Nintendo has decided to totally shake that "child" concept from their tree of tags with their recent decision.

Have you ever herd of the game called "Man Hunt"? It's a game from Rock Star (same people who do GTA) and it's honestly one of the most gory sick games I've seen. Sure game like Resident Evil, Unreal, and Gears of War are gory but not like this. While in those games you have to stay alive and you shoot and kill to do so with tons of gore, Man Hunt take a different approach. Instead of trying to stay alive your goal IS to kill and the more violent and gory you do it the more points you get.
For instance your first weapon is a plastic grocery bag simple enough right? Well if you hold the button down longer your attack is much more fierce. To this effect when you tap the button you simply smother your victim. However after holding it you quickly wrap their head and begin beating them in the face until blood is being shot through the holes and open cracks in the plastic. That was only the first most simple weapon to.

So my point is that Man Hunt is gory and honestly a bit creepy because it glorifies killing for enjoyment and encourages making it much more detailed and torture like to a high degree. That being said Nintendo is having Man Hunt 2 published on the Wii and to me this their utmost outright statement.

We are NOT just for kids!

Even though I'm not one for gore and the like I will buy Man Hunt 2 and I will probably enjoy it since stealth is my cup of tea.

Man Hunt 2 Teaser

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