Thursday, April 04, 2013

Stealthy Confessions

I feel that one of my favourite play styles is, and has been, making a comeback.

I've been playing games that focus on remaining hidden for over a decade. It all started with the original Metal Gear Solid on the first Playstation. I played that game to exhaustion, and subsequently did the same with it's sequel MGS2. Moreover though if I'm ever given a choice of playstyle I always default to being a thief, rogue, or assassin. This was reinforced by my discovery of the game Oblivion back in 2006, where I was simply blown away by the game's levelling system, where I actually got better at being a thief by being a thief!

Now today the stealth genre seems to be coming back into the light, with games like DeusEx and Skyrim having major mechanics that allow stealth, and more recently Dishonoured focusing on it entirely.
Now with the advent reboot to the thief franchise I think it's time I make a small confession.

Despite my love for stealth play, I've never actually played any of the Thief games. This is even more surprising considering I prefer to be a non-lethal thief over a deadly assassin or combat ready rogue.

My experience with the Thief series is limited to playing through about a quarter of Deadly Shadows. The game had stability issues on my machine, and it's story didn't really grab my attention, which is why I dropped it. However, with thief being rebooted I feel like I'm finally going to get a chance to experience a quality stealth game that doesn't focus on killing people. Dishonored was good, but I was disappointed by it's lack of shadowy corners to hide in. I also wasn't to impressed with how I had to keep hiding under tables to avoid detection.
I liked Dishonored for what it was, but I was more disappointed by what is was not.
Now, with the return of thief, I can't help but feel it might be what I wanted out of Dishonored.

----Strife Out----


Zeldafan355 said...

If you are really into stealth, you should try out Mark of the Ninja. The stealth gameplay is basically what Assassin's Creed and Dishonored try to achieve.

Azure Afire said...

Wow. I am indeed very surprised. Not in a bad way, really. It's not like everyone gets to try something really good, even though it's well endorsed and all. But at least you're willing to discover Thief. Believe me, you won't regret it ^_^

I am officially in-love again! Garrett is back! ^o^ been waiting for the sequel to Thief for sooo long! I love the series so much! I played Thief: Deadly Shadows 1st, and i was hooked. It wasn't a lethal stealth game at all, which i like. In MGS, i dread having to use guns instead of tranqs. But you can choose to make it lethal in Thief, but that would be very impractical and messy. Better to just sit in the shadows and listen to the conversations (so much humor there!), and keep looking around for all the nooks and crannies, secrets and goodies. I get really OC when i play that series 'coz i just gotta have it ALL; no stone unturned, and no glittery stuff unsnatched. Funny i even somewhat dread to sell my stuff to the fence 'coz i priced my hard-earned collection. I love to explore, and not be told to go in just one direction. And i find it somewhat romantic to stay in the dark and do stuff whilst unseen...the pleasure is unspeakable >_<; Plus, the story is quite awesome and sinister. I am quite bummed by the fact that it's coming out on the next gen consoles (i'll need to work on that, therefore). Also, did they change the voice actor? I hope my ears just deceived me. Stephen Russell's voice is golden; dark and sexy.

*Sigh* so many games, so little time for me, it seems! Wish i could play all my 3 loves at the same time, damn.

Anyway, thanks for sharing this cool trailer! Hope you enjoy your play with Thief. And again, hope you don't mind my long comments.