Monday, January 07, 2013

Death of a Legend

Well raise your glasses and make a toast, the most most successful gaming console ever has been retired.
It was just announced today that the PlayStation 2 has ceased production worldwide, and is now discontinued. It was honestly the best system I ever bought, with far to many hours crammed into it's joysticks than I can count.

In all honesty though I think this is long overdue. For the PS2 to only be leaving the active gaming scene as it's successor is about to be replaced is a bit extreme. None the less though I'll raise my glass and say; Here's to the hours of fun, lost childhood, and broken joysticks that the good old Playstation 2 brought me!

----Strife Out----


Una Persona del Mundo said...

I have a similar past with the PS2, but I must ask (I don't know how these blog comments work!) what makes it in your eyes the best console you've ever had.

Unknown said...

The PS2 sure was a good console, but I personally think the "console" is the good old PC :)