Tuesday, January 08, 2013

SteamBox for Real?

Among the great things coming out of CES this year, by far the greatest (IMO at least) is the tiny modular computer designed to run, amongst other things, the Steam client and it's big picture mode. The device is currently known as the "piston", which is backed by valve and made by the computer company Xi3. While nothing has been promised, such as it actually being the fabled steam box, it's very hard to imagine another reason why valve would back the creation of a hefty fist-sized PC.

Like I said, and how it was pointed out in the vid, they're not saying it's the steam box. However, the entire thing fits the bill, a tiny upgradeable computer that's clearly built for your TV, it's backed by valve, and it CAN run steam. If this isn't what we're all expecting it to be, I'll be very surprised.

----Strife Out----

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Unknown said...

I think the Piston is going to be a huge success and I think loads of people will buy one. Also I like the pattern: Steam, Valve, Piston.