Friday, November 16, 2012

Sui Generis

I usually don't get excited about something that I post about, mainly because most of the stuff that comes through the news feed for games is predictable. However, every once in a while something comes up that really takes me entirely off guard, and amazes so much that I get very excited.

Well this is one of those things.

Sure the character animations are a bit shoddy, but as described by the video below, the team doesn't have an animation artist. Furthermore the game requires you to actually time your attack and defense.

It's very refreshing to see an engine built around real physical collisions with force calculations in combat. I think it's a great idea to discard the old system of spells or weapon needing defined features that can knockback, knockdown, or disarm.

This is one project I'm going to keep my eyes on.
----Strife Out----

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