Thursday, November 29, 2012

Double Vs Since Vice

As a long standing fan of the Grand Theft Auto series It's a bit odd to see the game Vice City reach it's tenth anniversary mark. It was one of the few games I took the time to find everything in, and achieve the golden status of 100% completion. Which is why I love this trailer for it's hand-held re-release.

Looking back at the original now though I realise just how rough the game was, especially the audio which was very compressed. It sounds much cleaner in the trailer, so I'm left wondering if the audio was redone with less compression or somethng. Ahh nostalgia ----Strife Out----

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Cirman said...

This was the first open world game I ever played. I was 7, I think. I didn't get most of the jokes, in fact I only understood half of what they were saying, because English was not my native language.

Who says video games make children violent? *snaps puppy's head*