Thursday, September 06, 2012

Thirty Second Saviour

Several years ago in 2009 there was an interesting little title published for the PSP called Half-Minute Hero. It was a parody game that basically made fun of JRPGs, summing up what they were about, and making you save the world in only half a minute.
It was a game that caught my eye, and I wanted to play it. Unfortunately though I had no working PSP to play the game. Thus I was left to simply wonder how novel the title could have been for me.

Now much to my surprise, three years after it's initial release, Half-Minute Hero is getting a port to the PC and Steam. It'll be landing later this month, September 27, in all it's glory.
As a long time RPG fan I look forward to giving this game a shot. It may not be new, but interest hasn't faded, and if anything I'm more excited because now it also has a budget price tag of $9.99 to boot.

----Strife Out----

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Cirman said...


I played the shit out of HMH for the PSP. Been trying to 100% it for a while.
Because I've played it so much I don't think I'll get it. I still might, I don't know.
Definitely glad to see it on PC so more people can experience it!