Monday, September 03, 2012

Ground Zero

I'm a fairly big Metal Gear fan. I've been playing the games since the original PS1 Solid release back in 1998. As a result the large convoluted story web doesn't phase me in the least, and I actually enjoy the complex story. Thus I'm super hyped by this new installment Metal Gear Ground Zero.

The trailer above actually doesn't do a whole lot story wise, but graphically it really amazes me. It's not pre-rendered, but real-time, running on the current gen PS3 hardware. I was very skeptical of this as I watched the trailer, but between 9:15-9:23, where the cinematic turns into gameplay I about shat myself. It really is real-time, and those rain effects are jaw dropping, especially to be running on Current (but honestly outdated) Generation hardware. Moreover this game is supposed to be open world, and decidedly much less linear compared to preceding Metal Gear games.
I'm just astonished by how much Kojima and his group can get out of the PS3, which is FAR more than I've seen out of any other developer (naughty dog included).

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