Thursday, August 02, 2012

New Beginnings

Well if you've been following me on YouTube you know that I've been working on generating new content. I'm starting to touch on things I haven't done in months (nearly a year actually), and it's feeling awkward. I didn't realize just how out of touch I've become with my roots of video work since I started doing the show Elements of Play.

I'm steadily finding my bearings again, but I also came away from EoP for the better. The show, combined with the last game I did guides over, has taught me the importance of not losing the Forrest through the trees. Specifically I've learned about not embellishing on graphics and effects when it hampers the clarity of the video.
I won't drag on any further, and I hope you like the screen shot.

----Strife Out----


Zeldafan355 said...

It's always nice to see you making some progress on guides.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you returning to your roots. Don't get me wrong - huge fan of EOP, but it's great that there'll be more variety coming up.

Your fan - Michael

Gray said...

i might be jumping the gun here but that screenshot was of the blue palace in solitude so... YAY SKYRIM GUIDES!!!!!!!!

advendar said...

LoL ... Next time do one of the giant mudcrab. But glad to see your doing well and keep at it.

DeadOfKnight said...

Yes! I can't wait!

Synchr0nized said...

I've just seen a couple of your old FO3 guides and I can't wait to see how you tackle Skyrim :)

-a new fan

Unknown said...

I loved EoP and your guides. Veyr professional, and straight to the point.