Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Skyrim - Hearthfire

This is a real surprise, Bethesda is beefing up the simulation aspect of Skyrim with their new DLC, Hearthfire. The content is slated for an Xbox360 release September 4th, and it allows you to buy a plot of land then build a house on it by hand,then furnish it by hand. You can have a green house, wizards tower, beehives, and even fish hatcheries attached to your humble abode.

This new DLC has really come out of left field for me. I;m actually not sure of how I feel about it. What do all of you think, especially if you play on console with no access to mods like this?

----Strife Out----


DeadOfKnight said...

Well, I'm a PC gamer so I'm not particularly interested in it. However, if I were playing it on console I would be. However, it does just give off the impression that Bethesda is stealing ideas from independent modders and making money off of them; but hey, it's their game, they can do what they want with it. I much prefer the illusion that it's OUR game not theirs, which is why I play on the PC.

Cirman said...

I, I just... hmmm.

Fable? The Sims Medievil? Minecraft?

I guess It's neat, I'm just so utterly surprised by this addition.

Anonymous said...

I personally think this will be fun, just another small thing that would make Skyrim better.

Gray said...

CONSOLE GAMER OPINION TIME!!! i think bethesda is doing what mojang did, take some of the best mods and implement them into the game, which in my opinion is a good thing because modders can be pretty smart sometimes, so as a console only gamer I'm interested, so bring it on, as long as it dose not cost more than five bucks.

Unknown said...

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